The Herxheimer Reaction: The Detox Storm Before the Calm


The Herxheimer Reaction, or better known as detox, can be a real hassle when all that someone wants is to feel better. Detox symptoms range far and wide, these being a few: Fatigue, headaches, constipation, achy flu-like feeling, hunger, irritability, itchy skin, nausea, bloating, weight gain, sleep irregularities, stomach aches, and brain fog.

Detox is also different for every person, and some might have severe die off while others experience no symptoms whatsoever. That seems extremely unfair right? Well if you think about it, everyone has a different amount of bacteria in their guts, and everyone has a variety of different health issues caused by that “bad” bacteria! So, someone who has eaten fairly healthy their whole life most likely won’t experience as much die off as someone who has been on prescription medications for a good chunk of their life.

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Paleo “Fried” Okra


OOOH my mouth is watering just looking at this picture!! Ok, so I am the healthy cook in the marriage. Luckily, my husband eats whatever I put in front of him! However, I can’t take credit for this one. Well some, but not completely.

My mother-in-law has a huge garden so we were given tons of Okra! My husband goes to the cabinet and pulls out flour and cornmeal, and I give him the look. You know, that “are you seriously going to do that?” look. He knows my philosophy of eating healthy in the house, and splurging occasionally when we go out to dinner. I don’t even know how those ingredients ended up in our cabinets, they probably migrated over from his apartment when we moved in!! See, I think you can take any recipe and make a healthier version of it. So, I gave him the look and he knew.

I handed him the Coconut Flour and Flax Meal, and a miracle was born. That miracle is now known as Paleo “Fried” Okra, and we’ve made it 5 times in two weeks. Yeah, it’s that good.

You’ll need:

  • Okra
  • Coconut Flour
  • Flax Meal
  • Eggs (1 or 2)
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Gallon Bag
  1. Wash and cut the okra… this is a necessary evil! Then put them in the gallon bag.
  2. Beat one or two eggs and pour over the okra in the bag. I say one or two, because it really depends on how much okra you use. We never measured anything any of the times we cooked this, we just eyeballed it!
  3. Add 1 part Coconut Flour and 1 part Flax Meal. Same thing – we just added enough until the okra was covered. Shake the bag around! Here’s what ours looked like:


4. Heat a good amount of Olive Oil in the pan and get it  reaaally hot. We usually put our settings on 7 or 8.

5. Add the okra and let it sizzle! Your mouth will start watering at this point.


{Side Note: This was actually some that we made the night before and had it in the fridge ready to go. You can even freeze it and thaw to cook later!}

6. Be patient. Really patient. Flip occasionally. It will eventually get brown and crispy.

7. Sprinkle some Sea Salt here and there.

And then…. all of a sudden, it looks like this:


And all the people said, “Amen.”

No really, it’s that good. Thank me later.

Always & Absolutely,


White Bedroom Inspiration

I tried REALLY hard to create a gender neutral room. That was one of the hardest parts about getting married — getting rid of my girly decorations and embracing an entire NC State room. No, really. We’ve had an unbelievably easy first year of marriage, so I mean that when I say it!

So what did that result in? Eight months of sleeping without a comforter, purchasing six (yes, SIX) different bedspreads, and not being able to decide on how to decorate our room. The bedroom suite we have is hard to decorate around, because anything with patterns just didn’t look right.

So here we are, a bedroom with ruffles. And I LOVE it. And husband can deal with it 😉


Ooooh, I love just looking at it! So here is how I did it:

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Gold and Blush Bridesmaids Box

This picture is one of the things that inspired me to start a blog. I posted it in my wedding album on my Pinterest account, and as of this week it had 9.9k Pins. Crazy! I love crafting and creating unique things, so I figure why not share them! When I was wedding planning, I did A LOT of Pinteresting and put my own spin on things.

Also, I LOVE Amazon Prime, I can order something and have it in a few days. I’ve linked Amazon links to each of the items below. Some are Prime, some can be found cheaper, but this is just a general idea of the items you’ll need to complete this look.


Goodness, I wish I had taken better pictures! But here is the future sister-in-law box. I made similar ones for the other girls.


As you can see, some of the boxes were white, some were gold. I changed up the crinkle paper inside to match accordingly!

Here are the items you’ll need:

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1. with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally.
2. independently; not viewed in relation to other things or factors.


proper noun

1. Nickname for “Ashley Jones.”
2. Wife, dog mom, Jesus lover.
3. Bible journalist, crafter, business owner.
4. Certified Nutritionist; Hope Dealer.

I’ve always wanted to create a blog. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was young, but I’ve just never taken the plunge and started one. Well, unless you count Live Journal from 10(!) years ago, and random pages I just put my thoughts on.  I guess I think to myself, “Who even cares what I have to say?” I can also hear the statement said to me once about a girl who posts her outfit every day, “Who does she think  she is, a blogger or something?” How stupid.

You know what bothers me? How in this world, we have to have a perfect balance. Not too thin, not too thick. Not too pretty, just pretty enough. Society says that we need to love ourselves. But, if we post selfies and achievements too much, we are conceited. God forbid we look in the mirror or post an #00td. Now, I know there is a fine line between this, and being selfish and arrogant, but I really think that we need to teach generations to come, that it is okay to celebrate ourselves and be the person God created us to be.

So I’m looking at this like it is my space. If someone stumbles on something that they like, GREAT! I hope I can help. If someone says “Who does she think she is, a blogger or something?”…. GREAT! I choose to inspire and lift people up. To be in touch with my creative side and celebrate it. To share ideas and tips that help me and others. If you have a creative mind like me, you know all too well that an outlet to express that is MUCH needed. So that’s what this blog is.

When I was thinking about what to name this blog, in about twelve seconds, the word “absolutely” came to mind. Obviously, I know what it means, but I looked up the definition to see why it came to mind.


1. with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally.
2. independently; not viewed in relation to other things or factors.

Yep. It fit. So here I am… a blogger.

Always & Absolutely,