Supplements are the New Black

I’m sure we all know people who say supplements aren’t needed to have a healthy lifestyle. They probably also say that all you need is a commitment to exercise and to a strict healthful diet! Well, they aren’t completely wrong! However, supplements make it much easier for your body to continue to grow and retain the nutrients needed to build muscle and reach fitness goals. You do need exercise and a healthy diet, but this strategy falls short of providing all that your body needs!  So I’m going to be blatantly honest with you, if you didn’t catch my drift already, YOU NEED SUPPLEMENTS! Especially if you want to build muscle or lose weight!

The problem with just eating right and not including supplements is, in today’s world we just don’t have all the proper nutrients in our food that we had 100 years ago. Our soil is depleted and majority of our food is contaminated by either chemicals, pesticides, and even the air. That’s a different conversation for a different day though! Besides the reasons to take supplements to increase fitness levels, we should also be taking supplements just to live a healthy life. Let’s be honest, do you get stressed ever, do you eat sugar sometimes, have you ever taken antibiotics, do you breath air everyday? Yeah, I thought so! You need to at least be on a good probiotic! Preferably one that isn’t in the freezer section of your health foods store. Another important aspect to consider is the fact that blood sugar, inflammation and gut health are the three main factors to think about when trying to find health and wellness and when trying to decide what line of supplements to invest in! I’m sure you know I’m a Plexus Ambassador by now, so I can tell you what I think is the best line of products! Hehe! However, just because my opinion is biased doesn’t mean I’m not being honest when it comes to what you need in your supplements. Ample research shows gut health, blood sugar regulation, and reduction of inflammation will help with overall health!

Besides a good probiotic, a good protein supplement is a necessary addition to your diet! Protein is essential for muscle growth and development! Make sure it has no artificial flavors, is grass fed, and cold processed! I’m sorry, but you can’t get Cookies and Cream flavor without some artificial flavors. So take a break from reading this and throw that out right now. I don’t care how expensive it was, you are just taking one step forward and two steps back! A future post will discuss all of the important factors of a good protein.

Lastly, I want to cover the importance of a multivitamin! Most everyone know that vitamins are necessary. Pretty much all multivitamins are going to contain the same mixture of vitamins and minerals, simply because everyone knows what is needed! However, there are a lot of people who don’t take a multivitamin because they tend to make them feel sick! Especially if they are not taken with food! So, people often skip them or forget to take them! Consistency is key in any supplement regimen, meaning you should really find a multivitamin that doesn’t make you sick! I know I wouldn’t be consistent with something that didn’t make me feel good!  Also, aloe added to a multivitamin adds to absorption of vitamins up to 300%! It helps absorb nutrients that are in all of your food as well as other supplements that are being taken! XFactor, Plexus’ multivitamin, contains an aloe blend and would be a great addition to any diet. I’m just saying!

Whatever your health goals are, the importance of supplements are pretty universal! I would love to offer more advice or guide anyone who may have more questions about what’s the best approach to starting a supplement regimen! Just remember, wherever you may be in your health and wellness journey, it’s better than not starting at all! You can achieve anything you set your mind to, even though that sounded totally cliche! 

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