This is your Brain on Omegas…

Okay, so maybe this isn’t literally YOUR brain on omegas, simply because these are just words. The point is though, omega fatty acids are essential to optimal brain health. Now, I’m going to try to paint a picture for you, imagine your brain was just scanned to look at your brain activity. Well without enough omega 3 fatty acids, your brain will probably be pretty dull looking, meaning there would be less yellow and red colors popping up on the scan. Now if you were getting your essential omegas, your brain would be full of vibrant colors. Everyone wants to be vibrant, and I’m pretty sure everyone wants a fully functioning brain! I’m not saying that not having enough omegas is going to instantly lead to a brain that won’t work, but chronic deficiencies might lead to problems down the road! That’s why you should take me seriously when I say, work hard now, when you feel you don’t have to, so that way down the road, you won’t have to!

I’m sure you’re reading this post because you actually want to know why omegas are necessary and not just be told that they are, so let’s get to it! There are two types of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  We need both of these in order to function properly. The cerebral cortex in the brain needs DHA in order to function. The cerebral cortex is responsible for memory, emotion, attention, language, creativity, along with many other functions. Now think, if your cerebral cortex couldn’t function correctly, you would be having trouble will all of those functions listed above. We wouldn’t want that, now would we? There’s a quote by Mehmet Murat ildan, “Small minds just like small stones can never create giant waves.” People who have an omega 3 deficiency actually are known to have smaller brains, with less brain activity. That means no big waves for them! So get on that omega 3 routine!

Omega 3 is not the only beneficial omega. Omega 6 also plays a significant role in our health. However, omega 6 in high doses, can actually negate health benefits. The appropriate ratio between omega 6 and omega 3 is 2:1, however, in today’s world, it’s more like 15:1. This is because of the ridiculous amount of fast and processed foods. The best kind of omega 6 is found in green leafy veggies, such as kale, lettuce, and broccoli. Try to stay away from the omega 6 in processed foods.

While most people get omegas from fish in their diet, not everyone will be the same way. Some people don’t like fish, and others may be worried about the amount of mercury in our fish. Now, some would say to just suck it up and eat the fish, because you need it. However, there are several omega supplements out there. Some better than others. There is also other foods, besides fish that will give us omegas. The problem is, we needs a lot more kale, for example to equal the omegas found in fish. Therefore, supplements are a good idea. Just make sure to do your research, that way you can get a superior supplement. Again, not always is the most expensive the best, but sometimes that is the case. That’s why research is so important! So take your health seriously and do it! Y’all take time to make a decision when buying a car, but not always are the same precautions taken with our health. I promise you, it will be worth it!

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