Never Have I Ever…Taken a Probiotic

Well you should have! I’m sure your doctor has at least once told you that you needed one. Weather it be during an antibiotic dose, or whether you just needed to amp up your immune system. Not always is it best to take medication, however, I promise your doctor is right when he says take a probiotic. Obviously antibiotic means anti-life. It is meant to kill the bad AND the good when you have an infection or a virus. The downside to this is while you’re getting rid of the infection or whatever it may be, you’re also getting rid of the good bacteria in your body that helps fight off infection, and helps your immune system. So the importance of a probiotic is somewhat conspicuous.

I know I personally have fallen shout when it comes to listening to my doctor’s advice about taking a probiotic while also on an antibiotic. However, that was before I knew the significant importance of gut health. As well as the huge impact it has on overall health.

Antibiotics play a critical role in the need for probiotics, but they are not the only significant factor. Stress, junk food/processed food, and polluted air also alter gut health. Now, your excuse for not being on antibiotics very often, isn’t good enough. Even if you are never stressed and only eat “healthy” food you still live in a society with polluted air. Not to mention, the fact that our soil is pretty depleted from critical nutrients. So if i wasn’t clear before, YOU NEED A PROBIOTIC.  

However, not all probiotics are created equal. When you walk into a whole foods store, and ask where the probiotics are, the store clerk is going to point you in the direction of a refrigerator, with 50 or more different choices. Each of them having billions of CFU (colony forming units). CFU is basically the amount of good bacteria particles that will continue to grow in a given dose. Have you ever wondered why they say you need so many CFU? Well, it’s because the way these probiotics are made, they need to be cold. So, the manufacturers are not expecting very many of them to survive the long travel from the mouth to the small intestine. Think about it, if something needs to be refrigerated, the second it hits the mouth, they will die simply because the mouth is not an accurate living environment for good bacteria.

However, there are probiotics out there made to survive the journey. I happen to represent a pretty ninja rockstar one. Just because I support a certain probiotic doesn’t discredit anything I’ve said. I’ve done my research and you should too. You need to take your health seriously. You’ll soon realized too, that ProBio5 is pretty rockin.

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