I’m H20 Intolerant

We all have that one friend who says they don’t like water. Or they never drink water because they don’t think they need it. Just like the little fish in finding nemo who says he’s h2o intolerant. If you didn’t catch my drift; there is no such thing as a fish that is allergic to water. Just like fish need water to survive, people need it just as much! The only difference is, we need it to fuel our bodily systems, fish need it to breathe! Up to 60% of the human body is water. Now we use that water going through everyday life. We use extra when we do things that make us sweat, even if it’s just being lazy by the pool. So, we must continue to replenish that source of water.

Besides water being needed for everyday living, it has many other important uses. Water is used in digestion, absorption of nutrients, regulation of body temperature, and even the creation of saliva! And you’re telling me, you don’t like water! Well you better start liking it…or else! One of the nasty side effects of not having enough water throughout the day is headaches! Oh my goodness, I don’t ever want another dehydration headache again! Those are so brutal!

Ladies, I’m talking to you now, we all want our skin to look young, smooth, and beautiful. Well, more often than not, if you aren’t getting enough water, your skin can start to look like a drag! So drink your water, because I want to see all of your beautiful faces, full of light, just as much as you do!

Now gentlemen, this one is for you! I know the goal in the gym is to get as “swole” as you can! Am I right? You have got to impress the ladies! I’m kidding, you should be doing the whole health thing, for yourself! To better improve you health and wellness. Now onto my point, if you aren’t getting enough water when exercising, along with electrolytes, the cells in our muscles start to shrivel! That word shrivel should scare you! I’m sure you really don’t want your muscles shriveling! Plus is also causes extra soreness and muscle fatigue.

For those of you who know water is important, but just forget to get enough in a day, here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Keep a GIANT water bottle with you wherever you go! And by giant I mean 32 ounces, is probably enough! Make sure you feel it up a couple times a day though.
  2. Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces a day is a good rule to follow! However, if you are exercising a lot, you need more!
  3. There are a lot of cool apps out there! I know, there is an app for everything, even water intake! My favorite is called Daily Water balance tracker. It’s awesome! It sends you a reminder, and allows you to track your intake.
  4. Drink a glass of water before every meal and snack! This will one, help you get your needed intake, but also help with hunger and cravings! More often than not, we are just thirsty, not hungry!
  5. Eating more fruits and vegetables will add to your hydration because they have a high water content.

I hope this was helpful and convinced you to start drinking more water! Even if you don’t like it! Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like, drinking water being one of them! However, I promise you, you’ll feel better overall! 

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