Broccoli, Brownies and Weight Loss


Many of us would love to lose a couple pounds here and a couple pounds there, but if you’re like me, brownies are just a hard thing to resist! Not to mention fried food and other sweets! The majority of the time, losing weight means a strict meal plan, which means no brownies! Say what? The harsh reality of dieting is, it will get you that killer body, however, dieting just isn’t very reasonable. It’s also something that is very difficult to do long term. You might be asking yourself, “well then how in the world do I lose weight, without a strict diet, and still am able to eat brownies?” The answer is simple! You need the proper nutrients in your body, to help curb cravings, but also help burn fat, and lose inches. It’s also important to eat brownies (as well as all other food) in moderation! But hey, if you have the proper supplements and don’t crave them as much anymore, then you are set! We want to focus on creating a healthy lifestyle, not a short-term diet! If that means allowing yourself your favorite foods in moderation, by all means, do it!

I’m going to break down why exactly the Plexus Triplex and its ingredients can aid in weight loss, without having to have a meal plan. For starters, the Plexus Slim or “Pink Drink,” contains four ingredients that may help you in your weight loss journey.

Chromium, being the most significant ingredient, is known to be a necessary mineral when it comes to metabolizing protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It also helps balance your blood sugar. For that reason, Chromium is used as a stand alone weight loss product. However, what makes Plexus different, is the ingredients that are used in combination is what truly aids in overall health.

The second ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract. Several studies have found that the hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, found in the Garcinia Cambogia, make it very difficult for your body to store excess fat. This ingredient also helps curb cravings, and reduces your appetite.

The third ingredient is Green Coffee Bean Extract, which contains Chlorogenic Acid. The Chlorogenic Acid helps reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed in the gut. This balances blood sugar levels.

The final ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid. Our bodies naturally make Alpha Lipoic Acid to help with our metabolism. It’s also found in some foods. However, we don’t make and consume enough. The ALA in the slim will help increase our metabolisms!

One of the biggest factors to overall health is our gut! If our gut is out of whack, more often than not, other problems arise. One of those being weight gain, or not being able to lose weight. The ProBio5 and Biocleanse, as part of the Triplex, tackle the problems in our guts, to give us overall health. The purpose of the ProBio5 is to kill off the cockroach looking bacteria in our gut. It helps restore the balance between the good and the bad! Our bodies need to have that balance in order to function correctly. While the ProBio5 kills the bad and creates new good bacteria, the Biocleanse acts like a broom and sweeps all of the dead out! Yay, no more cockroach looking bad bacteria! Think about how much better you will feel once the “gunk” is out of your system and is replaced with good, healthy bacteria that keeps our immune system ready to face every day! That “good feeling” in itself can make or break our healthy lifestyles. It’s a lot easier to make better choices when we aren’t lethargic or emotionally eating.

I know this is a lot of information, but just know that the Triplex is designed to work together to help you reach your health goals! Pay close attention to your measurements (muscle weighs more than fat, and our products focus on FAT loss), how well you sleep, your cravings, energy and overall “good” feelings!

Plexus also has a few products that help accelerate the process of losing weight! One of them is even called Accelerator+! The others are Boost and Block. The Accelerator+ works side by side with the Plexus Slim. It boosts the metabolism, suppresses our appetites and speeds up the process of weight loss! Boost is a thermogenic that increases  our body’s temperature and helps burn more calories! It’s also an awesome pre-workout! Block does exactly what it implies! It “blocks” up to 48% of the sugars and carbohydrates that we consume. So, there really is a “diet” plan out there that allows you to eat broccoli and brownies (in moderation) and still reach your health goals!

I always recommend my clients start with the Triplex to heal and balance your body first, while getting all those pounds of “gunk” out of your system, then you can add in a weight loss booster. I also recommend my clients start slow and ease into the products. Our bodies didn’t get unhealthy overnight, so give the products time to work and heal your body! Here is a schedule I recommend starting on.

Click here to learn more about the Clinical Studies behind the Triplex!

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