The Herxheimer Reaction: The Detox Storm Before the Calm


The Herxheimer Reaction, or better known as detox, can be a real hassle when all that someone wants is to feel better. Detox symptoms range far and wide, these being a few: Fatigue, headaches, constipation, achy flu-like feeling, hunger, irritability, itchy skin, nausea, bloating, weight gain, sleep irregularities, stomach aches, and brain fog.

Detox is also different for every person, and some might have severe die off while others experience no symptoms whatsoever. That seems extremely unfair right? Well if you think about it, everyone has a different amount of bacteria in their guts, and everyone has a variety of different health issues caused by that “bad” bacteria! So, someone who has eaten fairly healthy their whole life most likely won’t experience as much die off as someone who has been on prescription medications for a good chunk of their life.

Some might be wondering what exactly causes all these crazy symptoms! Well, it’s important to understand the bacteria in our gut. The bacteria in our guts are kind of similar to what a cockroach looks like! Yuck, right?! Meaning you should really do everything you can to get them out of your system! They have a thick shell, like the cockroach does. So, the purpose of the ProBio5, is to enter the digestive track and use an antifungal called Chitosanase, which derives from Bacillus Coagulans and this breaks down the hard shell. After the shell is broken down, and the bacteria starts to die, they release the toxins into the body. This is where die off and detox happens.

 The BioCleanse then acts like a broom and sweeps all of the dead bad bacteria out! The ProBio5 also has a probiotic blend which adds the good bacteria back into our bodies. Once there is balance again between both the good and the bad, detox symptoms normally subside.

However, it is so important to not give up during the detox stage, embrace the symptoms, because it means it’s WORKING! There is one trick that will speed up the process of detoxifying the body and reduce symptoms. Simply mix Alka Seltzer Gold with water and a squeeze of lemon and drink! Remember, you can make it through anything, even some nasty detox symptoms!

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