White Bedroom Inspiration

I tried REALLY hard to create a gender neutral room. That was one of the hardest parts about getting married — getting rid of my girly decorations and embracing an entire NC State room. No, really. We’ve had an unbelievably easy first year of marriage, so I mean that when I say it!

So what did that result in? Eight months of sleeping without a comforter, purchasing six (yes, SIX) different bedspreads, and not being able to decide on how to decorate our room. The bedroom suite we have is hard to decorate around, because anything with patterns just didn’t look right.

So here we are, a bedroom with ruffles. And I LOVE it. And husband can deal with it 😉


Ooooh, I love just looking at it! So here is how I did it:

Room Inspiration

  1. Mercury Glass Lamps: Probably my favorite part of the room, other than the comforter, and my favorite kind of lamps. I have…. three sets in our house? They can go with so many different looks! I picked these up at Homegoods for $39.99 each. If you visit your local Homegoods, they should have some, I always see them when I’m there! Or here is a similar set.
  2. Bedroom Set: I purchased this set from my family’s company, Tyndall Furniture. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, they have one left and it’s on Clearance! You can see it here. See what I’m talking about with patterns? I think a solid color works best. This would also look amazing with a fabric headboard. You can customize one here.
  3. Wooden Picture Frames: I LOVE these frames. I searched all over for frames that had a somewhat large mat, that wasn’t white. I wanted the contrast, and stumbled across these at Bed Bath & Beyond. The frame is a cream color, and the mat is brown. Looks AMAZING against pretty much any wall.
  4. Gold Terrarium: These things are all over the place right now! I purchased mine at TJMaxx – they had all shapes and sizes. For now, I’m going to leave it empty because I like the look. But, here is an idea of how you can style yours.
  5. White Hydrangea: White Hydrangeas in a glass vase will always have my heart. They go beautifully with any type of cottage, rustic or even modern theme. So versatile and timeless! I also picked this up at Homegoods, but here is one you could purchase online. At some point in life, I’d like to keep fresh flowers beside my bed in a vase like this one, but I’m just not there yet 🙂
  6. Ruffle Comforter: Love, love, LOVE this comforter. For a few reasons. 1) The perfect white for this room. 2) Ruffles.. need I say more? 3) It actually fit our King size bed. We have a thick memory foam mattress, which is very common these days, and some King Comforters are too short on the sides! Companies are making them shorter, and mattresses are getting thicker. Get it together, people! This one is perfect. TIP: When purchasing online, measure the width and length of your bed and then look at the dimensions. Would’ve saved me so much time! Find this comforter hereIMG_7865

7. Ruffle Pillow: I picked up my Rufffle Circle Pillow from Homegoods (surprised, right?!) but here is a pretty one from Target!

8. Embroidered Pillow: I chose to add beige embroidered pillows because I like adding different textures together. This too was from Homegoods. I honestly just go to Homegoods and mix and match a few different pillows together. It’s a lot of fun and creates a unique look! Here is an example of an embroidered pillow.

9. White Curtains: This is another thing I struggled with because I wanted the sheer look, but I wanted to be able to close the curtains on Saturday mornings and have a darker room! We have a huge bay window, so a lot of light comes in on those mornings we are dying to sleep in. I settled on these curtains because they look almost sheer, but they are a thicker material so they do block some light. Not as much as if they were blackout curtains, but I can suffer through semi-bright mornings to have a beautiful room!


SIDE NOTE: We had GORGEOUS engagement and wedding photos taken, and I really wanted to display them. However, they were very bright with lots of color, and I was going for the neutral theme in our room. So, I opened the photos in PicMonkey and put a Sepia overlay on them. I toned it down a lot so that they weren’t completely Sepia, but it kind of “browned” out the colors. I then saved a high res version and sent them to the local Sam’s Club to be printed. You can see in the picture to the right (I couldn’t capure this without the glare!), I had a pink dress on, but here the pink doesn’t stand out too much. I really love how this turned out! (Engagement & Wedding photos taken by Casey Hendrickson Photography).

Well, that’s it! Pretty simple, and could be knocked out with a couple of online purchases and a trip to Homegoods and Bed Bath & Beyond. We will see how long this white comforter lasts with a Goldendoodle puppy. I might be doing a completely different design soon!

Always & Absolutely,



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