Gold and Blush Bridesmaids Box

This picture is one of the things that inspired me to start a blog. I posted it in my wedding album on my Pinterest account, and as of this week it had 9.9k Pins. Crazy! I love crafting and creating unique things, so I figure why not share them! When I was wedding planning, I did A LOT of Pinteresting and put my own spin on things.

Also, I LOVE Amazon Prime, I can order something and have it in a few days. I’ve linked Amazon links to each of the items below. Some are Prime, some can be found cheaper, but this is just a general idea of the items you’ll need to complete this look.


Goodness, I wish I had taken better pictures! But here is the future sister-in-law box. I made similar ones for the other girls.


As you can see, some of the boxes were white, some were gold. I changed up the crinkle paper inside to match accordingly!

Here are the items you’ll need:

Bridesmaids Box

  1. Photo Storage Box: I actually got these from Michael’s but you can find them on Amazon. I also found a really cute glitter gold one here!
  2. Glitter Paper: I also got this glitter paper at Michaels, and cut it to fit.
  3. Scrapbook Paper: Choose your own design, there are scrapbook paper books you can get too. I just cut this paper smaller than the glitter paper and hot glued it on.
  4. Pearl Shimmer Paper: LOVE this paper and highly recommend. You can create your text in Word/Pages or Canva and print it off. I used it for the cards I put with the box as well (see below). It’s thicker card stock paper and it shimmers! If you are doing the gold/blush theme, shimmer paper is stunning!
  5.  Hole Punch: You’ll need this for the picture that goes on the outside of the box, and the earring card if it doesn’t already have a hole for the ribbon. You should probably have a hole punch around anyways, you’ll probably need it.
  6. Crinkle Paper: I use this all the time for gifts and whatnot! I put white crinkle paper in the gold boxes, and gold crinkle paper in the white boxes.
  7. Rose: I actually got a dozen silk roses and just pulled the rose off of the stem and placed it in the box. It is cheaper to purchase it like this and just use the rose!
  8. Polka Dot Glass: So this links to Kate Spade glasses which are adorable, but to tell you the truth, I actually picked up some cheap ones at HomeGoods and put the design on myself!
  9. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates: If you are doing a gold wedding, you must fit these chocolates in somehow! I love them 🙂 I put them in the bridesmaid’s gift bags as well. You can pick them up at Sam’s Club/Costco or on Amazon. I also put some random gold chocolates I found just to add to the box.
  10. Gold Sharpie: I used this sharpie to draw the dots on the glass to make it look like Kate Spade, and wrote their names and “Bridesmaid” on the glasses. I also used this to write “Bridesmaid” on the top of the earring card too.
  11. Gold Foil Straws: You can get these online or at Hobby Lobby or Target! These straws are so cute an add a great touch to the box.
  12. Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino: These frappuccinos have been a favorite of mine for years (I try not to drink them because, well, holy sugar!) and the color scheme fit in perfectly. I know a lot of people use Champagne, but this was more “me,” and looked so good!
  13. Gold Paper Ribbon: The perfect touch! I used this to close the box, to tie the straws on the Frappuccino, and to tie a bow at the top of the earring holder. Paper Ribbon looks so much better than regular ribbon when it comes to these things!
  14. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer: The colors fit PERFECTLY with my theme so I had to include these. It looks like they’ve redesigned the hand sanitizers but they still have the same scent. There are tons of different ones you can choose from to match your wedding colors. A lot of times, they have buy a certain amount, get one free.
  15. Earring Cards: I picked these cards up from a craft store, but you can get them online as well. I would recommend getting the ones that have a hole at the top, or at least room for one, so you can tie a pretty bow.
  16. Earrings: I went ahead and gave the girls the earrings they would be wearing the day of the wedding! I picked them up at a jewelry and gift wholesale show, but you can also get them online. Just make sure you tell them to keep up with them, and purchase a couple extras. We had to use one of my extra pairs because one of the girls lost hers. It’s also nice to have your own set, I didn’t wear them the day of the wedding but its a great keepsake.
  17. Nail Polish: I also included the nail polish color that went with our color scheme. Some of the girls got french manicures, and some used this color. But it just made the box look so cute!


I printed off these cards on the Shimmer Paper I mentioned above (see #4), and put important info like the color scheme, dress theme, hair examples, wedding details and bridal party information. I also included a picture for them to hold up and take a selfie so I could make a collage for Instagram like this.


Then I closed up the box with the Gold Paper Ribbon (see #13), and printed off a collage of pictures of me and my bridesmaids. I put the cards in an envelope and put that with the box too.


And that’s it! I know that it can add up and be expensive, but if you shop around and buy in bulk, you can make it happen! I had seven bridesmaids so I just bought a few of everything. I also used some of the items for other things during the wedding process. The girls loved these boxes and I know some of them even kept the boxes to put things in. Your bridesmaids are there to support you throughout the whole process and they spend A LOT of money (I know, I’m in three weddings this year), so I think it is important to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Stay tuned for more wedding details & DIY projects!

Always & Absolutely,


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